Lieder ohne Worte

The tercet LoW was founded in summer 2013 and works on the cycle "Lieder ohne Worte" ("Songs without words") for three voices a cappella.

First short performances took place in autumn 2014. The entire program was presented at the concert on January 30. 2015 at the BARAKUBA.

Kohut - Reck - Jesse
Thomas-Maria Reck - Joachim Jesse - Alina Kohut

Alina Kohut (alto) is a choir director and oboist. She conducts the "Vokalensemble Heinrich Schütz" and other choirs in the area of Basel.

Thomas-Maria Reck (tenor) is a jazz singer, vocal teacher, composer and lyricist. As a singer he works with the bossa nova trio "Saudade Nova" and the yodeling duo " 's Echo vo dr Feldbergstrooss".

Joachim Jesse (bass) is a composer who likes to sing.

Live recordings from our performance in Magden, November 14. 2014:

    Lied ohne Worte 1
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    Lied ohne Worte 15
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    Lied ohne Worte 6
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    Lied ohne Worte 8
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    Lied ohne Worte 14
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All compositions © by Joachim Jesse

Live video from the concert on January 30. 2015 at the BARAKUBA in Basel:

All compositions © by Joachim Jesse